You'd think the fact that I grew up in South Dakota would mean more visits to the State Capital Building in Pierre over the years.  The last one I could recall was at the age of 5, so the memory was pretty blurry.  Recently our family took a trip to Pierre and were wowed by the grandeur and history so beautifully displayed on the Capital Building grounds.  Although the huge panels of stained glass, the grand marble stairway and the immense rooms were impressive, there was something about those small details that drew me for a closer look.

As you walk through the Capital Building, you'll see these amazing detailed plates around the doorknobs beautifully accenting the rich oak doors.


While you stop at one of the water fountains, make sure to look up and soak in the incredible design in the details above you.


The view from the balcony gives you an overall sense of the size of the grand rooms where our State laws are made, but don't forget to look closer at the handcrafted framework that supports the balcony seating.  It's gorgeous!


As you make your way up the grand marble staircase, admire the craftsmanship at the top of the columns.  There's no doubt the people who built our State Capital building took pride in everything they did.


Make sure you walk all the way to the end of each hallway or you may miss something, like the ornate metal railings of the stairways.


Because a lot of the parking is around back, it could be easy to enter the back doors, look around and maybe just take a quick peek out the front main entrance.  Its worth the time to take a walk on the grounds in front of the Capital Building, so you don't miss this.


Massive granite columns adorn the outside of the Capital Building.  Look at the variations of textures to bring out the beauty if the thoughtful design.


The more you look around, the more you'll see the heritage of those who worked hard to design and build such a beautiful building.  Your next trip could include a visit to the Capital Building.  If you go, enjoy!