This is one of those "got nothin'" days for writing.  As I went home for lunch, I found Kit Kat sunning herself in front of the sliding glass door in the TV room.

She usually doesn't stay still for her picture to be taken, but today I got lucky.  She was in hog heaven!

Kit Kat is a 16 year old Persian.  We're lucky she's in good health.  She's really never been sick and she's only been to the vet once.

The cat has adopted me.  When I first met Kit Kat, my wife Lori and I were dating.  Kit Kat avoided the Christmas rush and hated me immediately.  I could tell by the way she would hiss and growl when I tried to pet her.

Over the years, Lori and I got married and Kit Kat became more trusting.  I brought my dog Chloe into the mix.  Chloe was my Sheltie of 16 years.  She was the one dog a guy wishes for in his life,and she was it.

Chloe didn't mind Kit Kat, but Kit Kat did mind that Chloe was in the house.  Over time, Kit Kat got used to Chloe, and every so often, when I came home for lunch, Chloe and Kit Kat would be sleeping a couple of feet away from each other. They were great company for each other and they became good friends.

When Chloe passed away, Kit Kat sat in front of the door for weeks, waiting for her friend to return.  She grieved terribly.

Soon after, Kit Kat made sure she never left my side.  I couldn't believe how she sensed my sadness over Chloe.  I think we helped each other through it.

When I come home from the day, Kit Kat lays beside me on the sofa.  When we go to bed, she sleeps right next to Lori.  She is the child that Lori and I never got to have.

She has given us nothing but unconditional love and has asked nothing in return.  She has given us more than we could give her.  That's the magic of a wonderful pet!