I'm not sure the folks in New York City, Philadelphia or Los Angeles knew what he was singing about, but those of us who grew up in or near a small town sure did. It was one of those 'Crank it up and sing along' songs.

It was 1991. It was Hal Ketchum. It was 'Small Town Saturday Night'.

The first single off Hal's Past The Point Of Rescue album, the first time we heard the song we knew it was something special. By the second (and third and fourth) time we heard it, we were singin' along.

It was one of those extra-special tunes that the rural folks, the small community people could identify with..and I mean virtually every line. We didn't just love the song, we lived it.  And that's why we loved it then, and love it still close to 30 years later.

By the way, according to Wikipedia the song was inspired by the town of New Braunfels, Texas. But you and I know it could just as well have been your town or mine!

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