Yes, that is a man pinned against that fence and 1,500 lbs of meat on a hoof letting him know..."don't screw with me, dude."

According to KSL 5 News in Utah, witnesses said it appeared the man provoked the beast on Antelope Island last weekend. Some say he was rattling the fence and some said he was throwing objects such as rocks and sticks at the bison to get it's attention.

The man, who refused to be identified, walked away with only the wind knocked out of him.

Even I learned from Saturday morning cartoons that if a large animal huffs, lowers it's head, and paws at the dirt, bad things are going to happen.

Assistant park manager John Sullivan said,

This person is very, very, very lucky that he wasn't killed," and "other than being a little dusty ... embarrassed and shell-shocked," he was "none the worse for wear."

The photo was taken by Wayne Ebenroth of Boise, Idaho, who was there to support his wife who was running in the annual Antelope Island Buffalo Run.

Officials decided not to cite the guy, who had, after all, already been charged.

Source: KSL 5 News