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I have to admit, when something comes on the television showing animals that have been abused or neglected I have to turn my head.  I can't watch it.  But this morning when I read a story concerning 69 cats taken in by officials in Sioux City earlier this fall it caught my attention.  In case you hadn't heard here's the story.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa — Eight of 69 cats taken in October from a Sioux City house are ready for adoption.

The Sioux City Journal reports (http://bit.ly/ZipUS2) that the cats, all males, are being made available after they tested negative for feline leukemia.

Cindy Rarrat with Sioux City Animal Control says another of the cats was adopted last week.

Rarrat says the nine cats were the lone survivors of 69 caught and trapped at a Sioux City house in October. Most were euthanized because they were too ill or unsocial for adoption.

Officials say the house was covered with feces and extremely unsanitary. About 20 dead cats were removed from the property.

Homeowner Mark Lanning has been charged with 14 counts of animal neglect, all misdemeanors. His case is still pending.

What's up with that?  That's what I say to myself. 'What's up with that'? We see it all the time, and in most cases I think it's safe to say that the people involved have some pretty serious mental condition going on.  Not that you would or could entirely blame the situation on some sort of psychosis.

Other people are a little more cut and dried on their interpretation.   For example check out some of the response to the story taken from listener comments from Facebook.

I butted in and tried to see if I could calm Cindy down with a comment on Facebook, but I have to admit she knows where she stands and you know where she stands when she writes.   Read on:

  • KIKN 100.5 I get confused with whether it was actual abuse...we'll I don't know...I just wonder what 'makes people do' some things. There's more to it. I'm writing a story for kikn.com about it. JD
  • Cyndy Sterud as far as I am concerned it is abuse... 69 cats seriously obviously he couldnt take care of them.. they had to put some to sleep...so sad..so if they are walking in feces in a home that is abuse ... no one would let there children do this... so sad... yes it is abuse in my book...HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS

It is sad no matter how you read it.  Or what you read into the story.  My bottom line on it is people, be nice to each other and people be nice to your pets.  It dosen't matter if its dogs or cats.  Heck it could even be horses.  With the cost of hay and recent drought conditions it's darn expensive to feed one horse.  Because of that cost, many are not being fed.

So, let's be nice to our pets.  And let's look after our neighbors too!  We don't have to be nosy, but a few questions, perhaps an offer to help might keep situations like the one in Sioux City from getting out of hand.

By the way that handsome feline pictured above has a name. Tillie.  Was born under the steps of our house.  We found her and 5 of her brothers and sisters 2 days after she moved in.  She was the scrawny one.  The other babies and her mom went to Sioux Falls Area Humane Society.  We hope they are all alive and well and living with loving families.