If someone said they were willing to take their semi-truck all the way from Marshall, MN down to Moore, Oklahoma to haul down supplies for pets, would you help out? Their fuel.  Their time. Their own money.  Would you help?

That's what Jennifer Roach of Marshall, MN is doing.  We talked with her today on the phone.  As you can tell by the picture above, Jennifer is a huge animal lover.  She also happens to own a semi and has said, 'if you bring it, I would be honored to haul it down to the people and pets affected by the tornado in Moore, OK.

Here's how you can help.  Bring a bag of dog or cat food to Your Pet Stop (Two Sioux Falls Locations in Sioux Falls NOW through 2:00 p.m. Sunday) If you don't have a bag, you can buy one at Your Pet Stop, they'll set it aside and make sure Jennifer gets it on her truckload of love for the pets in Oklahoma. This is a post from Jennifer's Facebook post:

I want to take a moment and thank EVERYONE for all the kind words and support. When I started this, I had no idea the support and kindness I would receive. I did not imagine that this would take off the way it has. It has brought tears to my eyes more than once when I saw the numbers on this page. I am so inspired by everyone's kindness, love and support. I can only hope that I can live up to the expectations of everyone and get the trailer full. I have reached out to the media but so far they do not seem interested. I have friends in Kansas City that are helping get the word out but Sioux Falls, SD is one place I am having a hard time getting it known I will be there. God bless everyone and keep praying for those in Oklahoma who lost so much.

Obviously, we heard of her dilemma and that's why we're helping spread the word.

Jennifer was moved by the recent tornado and all the animals misplaced and set up a Facebook page talking about her journey.  It's called 4 Paws Up for Oklahoma.

We know there are a ton of dog and cat lovers in the Sioux Falls area. This is your chance to quietly, easily help the dogs and cats who have been misplaced because of the tornado.

Drop off your Dog or Cat Food or any other creature comfort items like pet beds and Jennifer will haul them down in her semi.  If you want to drop it off personally and meet Jennifer, she'll be in the Home Depot parking lot this Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Look for a big green truck with a blue trailer.

Oh, Jennifer backs up her 'talk' of love of pets.  You can tell by the picture on our facebook post she has a thing for Dachshunds.  She has 15 dogs that have been rescued from 'bad situations,' that she calls her own.

(Thanks to Doug at Your Pet Stop for helping us, help Jennifer, help the pets of Oklahoma.)