Police say two Sioux Falls men were arrested over the weekend for assaulting the boyfriend of a female relative, and the boyfriend was also arrested.

Information Officer Sam Clemens says police were called around 5:00 pm Sunday to the 800 block of North Duluth Avenue, where an argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend became physical.

Clemens says the man pushed the woman and began punching her, prompting two of the woman's relatives to intervene. He says the men punched the boyfriend to where he was unconscious when police arrived.

The suspects jumped out a back window but were caught and arrested.

Clemens says 37-year-old Justin Kills Small and 26-year-old Jamie Kills Small were both charged with aggravated assault and fleeing, while the boyfriend, 26-year-old Maza Grassrope, was arrested for simple assault-domestic.

Grassrope was not seriously injured, although he did have cuts to his face.