First of all, it was a great night for a concert.  Hot and clear!  The crowd showed up early and they were ready to roll!

Lee Brice took the stage first and where some people (myself included) though Brice was more of a songwriter and less of a "performer" were quickly convinced otherwise.  Yes, this guy can really write a great song (Woman Like You-Hard to Love) but he also can work a crowd and is a tremendous vocalist!   His band and the notch!

By the time Chris Young took the stage I was wondering what he was going to do to top Brice.  It didn't take long to figure out that Country Music is going to love both these guys for a long time.

I had heard from a Kickin' Country listener, who'd seen Chris Young before that I wouldn't be disappointed.  I wasn't.  He's a great singer.  His light show was worthy of mention.  His band was top notch.  He's a great singer and story teller during his show.  Oh, and the lady's think he's OK looking too!

I had a great time.  When I got down off the stage from doing the intro's (thanks for the warm welcome Kickin' Country) I wondered before each show "did I over sell these guys to the crowd?"  Obviously I didn't.  They were both great.

I also LOVED how the artist selection appealed to both young and older fans.  That's hard to do now days.

Hats off to the South Dakota State Fair. They've had great attendance and last nights concert brought back memories of going to the Fair and seeing and hearing something you just don't get anywhere, any day.  Great entertainment!

Thanks for the Great Kickin' Country Concert!

What did you think?